Neighbourhood News

Over the summer, you may have noticed many changes throughout Windrose Estates.

We have been working hard on the grooming and general maintenance of our entrance features. New plantings have been added throughout and we will realize the fruits of this labour in the Spring. All new plantings have been added to the boulevard at Sixth Street...we think it’s going to be a lovely feature to come home to.


A lot of the overgrowth at the Osler Bluff Road/Grey Road #19 entry has been removed to allow for greater visibility when exiting to the traffic travelling north.

A new street sign at Sixth Street and Windrose Valley Boulevard has been ordered.


Our farmer hasn’t been feeling very well this season and he’s done his best to groom and harvest the hay. Some of the hay bales remain but notwithstanding they look quite nice on the landscape we’re working to have it removed.

We apologize for the dirty roads as we transport fill/dirt to various lots. We will do our best to have them cleaned regularly and once the bulk of the work is completed.


Please do not hesitate to call us with any issues or concerns you may have or to alert us to any matters that we should know about.